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Executive Board


Christopher Kitts

Christopher L. Kitts, Ph.D.

Professor, Biological Sciences

Email: ckitts@calpoly.edu
Office: 33/274
Phone: 805.756.2949

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Michael Black, Ph.D.

Professor, Biological Sciences
Email: mblack@calpoly.edu
Office: 33/380
Phone: 805.756.2894

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Yarrow Nelson, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Email: ynelson@calpoly.edu
Office: 13/210
Phone: 805.756.1347

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Chad Immoos, Ph.D.

Professor, Chemistry
Email: cimmoos@calpoly.edu
Office: 180/304A
Phone: 805.756.6635




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Alice Hamrick

Email: ahamrick@calpoly.edu
Office: 53/309
Phone: 805.756.2164

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Jennifer VanderKelen, Ph.D.

Email: jvanderk@calpoly.edu
Office: 180/533
Phone: 805.574.3015

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Andrea Laubscher

Email: alaubsch@calpoly.edu
Office: 180/466C
Phone: 805.756.2483












Name Title Office & Hours Phone email
Hillers, Ken Associate Professor 33-369 756-1481  khillers@calpoly.edu
Martinez, Andres Assistant Professor 180-306A 756-2744  awmartin@calpoly.edu
Martinez, Nathaniel Assistant Professor 33-379 756-2185  nmarti32@calpoly.edu
Lathrop, Amanda Assistant Professor 24-110 756-6269  lathrop@calpoly.edu
Jones, Eric Assistant Professor 180-418 756-2425  ejones21@calpoly.edu
Pal, Nirupam Professor 13-207 756-1355  npal@calpoly.edu
Yeung, Marie Associate Professor 33-362 756-5199  pmyeung@calpoly.edu
Arakaki, Dean Associate Professor 20-302 756-2625  darakaki@calpoly.edu
Watts, Katharine Assistant Professor 180-414 756-2530  krwatts@calpoly.edu
Peterson, Jean Assistant Professor 11-218 756-2770  jdodsonp@calpoly.edu
Carroll, Jennifer Associate Professor 180-412 756-1654  jacarrol@calpoly.edu
Goodman, Anya Associate Professor 180-419 756-1666  agoodman@calpoly.edu
Gragson, Derek Professor 180-306B 756-7154  dgragson@calpoly.edu
Cano, Raul Professor 53-210E 756-1358  rcano@calpoly.edu
Dekhtyar, Alexander Professor 14-209 756-2387  dekhtyar@calpoly.edu

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